About us

About us

Eastern Thai Riders Co.,Ltd.

Company Background

With a nature of always-hungry-for-more running in our veins for generations, a group of new blood operating under AAS Group and CTI Holding Co., Ltd. had formed a team to enter one of the most challenging competitions in our time, wishing to add another jewel to our crown, to be no. 1 among all in the premium automotive field, to be a champion, and to be something even more! We took our chance to step into the world of a legendary brand, Harley-Davidson.

After battling in a long and fierce competition since mid 2014, we finally stood at the top above all big time rivals with not just one but two new jewels in our hands! It has been made official in the beginning of 2015 by Harley-Davidson®that our empire would have the privilege to represent them in Bangkok and Pattaya.

Mission and Vision

For more than 10 years that there is only one player chanting the Harley-Davidson®name in the capital city, but today Bangkok Riders is taking on the challenge to be bigger, better, and greater in all aspects not only to give riders, bikers, and consumers more choices, but also to show the world who is their new king! On the other hand, we are the sole representative of the famous Harley brand in Pattaya, which is undoubtedly the most promising big bike market in the country beside Bangkok. However, that cannot keep us from being the greatest retail this city and the entire east have ever seen! That is why Eastern Thai Riders was born with its name!